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Breast Cancer Awareness: What You Need to Know Now, Part 4

In this blog series Part 4, I will be sharing what is normal for women when conducting self-examinations. 


Many changes occur in a woman's breast throughout her lifetime
Get used to what is "normal" for you. Here’s how:

  1. Practice breast self-examination monthly (breastcancer.org).
  2. If you feel something that doesn’t seem right, try and find it on the other side; most women have symmetrical breast tissue patterns. If it is on the other side, it is likely normal for you.
  3.  Try to perform the exam the same time every month since breast tissue can fluctuate due to menstrual cycling.

If you feel something that is hard and fixed, call your doctor. If you are unsure what constitutes hard and fixed then try these easy tricks- feel for your collar bone and compare it to what you are feeling in the breast-is it as hard as your collar bone? Now try and move your collar bone. You'll notice that you are unable to move your collar bone because it is "fixed". Is the thing you are feeling in your breast movable or fixed?

Most importantly, if you are unsure, contact your physician.

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