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Samir Ferdowsi

Samir Ferdowsi is a junior studying journalism and advertising at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. With minors in business and creative writing, Samir hopes to take on the advertising agency realm by storm come graduation. He was working as vRad’s 2017 summer marketing intern; creating advertisements, graphics for in-house and public viewing and writing blog posts such as this one (in addition to sprinkles of SEO and web development work). Outside of work hours, Samir enjoys staying active by biking and skateboarding, as well as reading and listening to his record collection.

How to Become a Radiologist: The Road to Radiology (feat. Dr. Matthew Zapala)

Remember fidgeting in bed, waiting to open the greatest present you ever asked for the night before your birthday? Or how about sitting in high school, nervously anticipating whether or not “studying” paid off, as the teacher passed out a chapter exam? Now combine the two, sprinkle in a touch of indecisiveness, increase the stakes indefinitely and what do you get?