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Interesting Radiology Cases Presented by CMO Benjamin W. Strong, MD

As part of our website refresh, I wanted to build upon the educational materials we already provide--such as CMEs and Industry webinars--by improving the way we present interesting cases.

Building upon the educational format I have developed for presentations, we hope to have built a tool that is educational and interactive. 

But before you get started, there are a few technical requirements you should be aware of. I have also created a brief guide on how we hope you'll use the material.

Let's get started!

How to Navigate the Cases:

When you land on the Interesting Cases page, all of our cases will populate the page starting with the most recent additions. If you want to choose a specific category, use the "categories" drop down to choose a category and hit "GO". The page will refresh to only show interesting cases in that category.

To open the case, click "read more". Once you're on the case page, I recommend doing the following for the best educational experience:

  • Review the case video and try to identify any findings
    • Click and hold on the video player slider and slowly drag to preview images as you would in practice
  • Once you’ve reviewed the video, click the “Review the Findings” box to open up the color coded findings
    • I recommend reviewing any findings you missed in the video
  • Once you’ve reviewed the findings, can you make a diagnosis?
    • When you’re ready, click “Review the Diagnosis” to check your answer

Thanks for checking out our new interesting cases!

Author Benjamin W. Strong, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Education Committee Chair. Dr. Strong is at the forefront of efforts to expand access to quality, affordable care through telemedicine. As CMO for the nation’s largest radiology practice, he collaborates with radiologist and hospital partners, uncovering opportunities to enhance the practice environment. Dr. Strong completed residency in internal medicine, then practiced emergency medicine before later being drawn to the fast-paced flow of diagnostic puzzles that is radiology.

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