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Radiology’s Best Dictation and Report Creation Platform—See Why

Earlier in my career, I had accepted that reading on a disjointed and inefficient platform was normal. There I was, Dictaphone in hand, bouncing between workstations, proofreading my dictations line-by-line. It wasn’t until I started working on the vRad Platform that I truly realized how a platform could work for ME. I can honestly say I will never go back to reading on any other platform.

Imagine this: You click the next case on your worklist and it immediately opens on your screen—no waiting for images to download. Then, you dive right into reading and dictating without ever looking away from the images. Lastly, with one click, the system automatically categorizes your findings into organ structure, formats your impression, ensures reporting standards and billing requirements are met, and checks for potential errors such as left/right or male/female discrepancies. Plus, all the relevant study information, which normally needs to be manually added, is automatically included at the top of your report.

Sounds great, right?

Now see it in action. Watch our short demo of dictation and report creation on the vRad Platform.

Dictation and Report Creation Platform Demo

Ready to learn more? Schedule time with our Physician Engagement Specialist, Adam Jones.

If you’d like to browse more videos on the platform, and hear some favorite features from my colleagues,visit the video library on our website.


Author Maryellyn Gilfeather, MD

vRad Radiologist



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