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Brian (Bobby) Baker

Director of Software Engineering – Machine Learning & DevOps, vRad Mr. Baker is committed to enhancing patient care through process improvement and technological innovation. He leads the vRad team responsible for the industry’s most advanced radiological workflow system, including the design, development and integration of leading-edge AI applications. He promotes a collaborative culture as the foundation of these systems that help radiologists provide diagnostic insights more efficiently and effectively every day.

The 2nd Key to Unlocking a DevOps Culture: The vRad Development Pipeline

Welcome back to the vRad Technology Quest.

At vRad, we value our ability to deliver frequent, regular, and minimally interruptive releases and today I’ll provide an overview of the development pipeline we utilize to achieve those releases.

The 1st Key to Unlocking a DevOps Culture: Agile Software Development

Welcome back to the vRad Technology Quest. Today we’ll cover our development approach to maintaining vRad’s radiology platform.

At vRad, our development team uses the Agile Methodology, with most teams adhering more or less to Scrum.

If you aren’t familiar with software development, don’t fret; understanding how vRad develops software doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of various methodologies.

7 Keys to Unlocking a Devops Culture: Introducing the vRad Radiology Platform

At vRad, we have a passion for connecting – with each other, with clients, and with patients. In technology, we strive to break down the language barrier between geek-speak and common users to share our tools and processes.