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Brian (Bobby) Baker

Director of Software Engineering – Machine Learning & DevOps, vRad Mr. Baker is committed to enhancing patient care through process improvement and technological innovation. He leads the vRad team responsible for the industry’s most advanced radiological workflow system, including the design, development and integration of leading-edge AI applications. He promotes a collaborative culture as the foundation of these systems that help radiologists provide diagnostic insights more efficiently and effectively every day.

QA: A New Frontier in AI-Enabled Radiology

Radiologists and healthcare administrators have been waiting a long time for the arrival of promised AI tools for radiology. Most AI applications used by radiology providers today are focused on worklist prioritization. While improving the speed of patient care is incredibly important, recent strides in quality improvement open a new world of possibility.

“In the wild”: vRad and Qure.ai partnership guiding AI advancements

vRad's massive, diverse dataset is an incomparable real-world testing ground for validating radiological AI models. Following is an excerpt of Brian Baker’s comments from a recent interview in The Imaging Wire.

MEDNAX Radiology Solutions tests AI model in largest independent radiology validation exercise to date


For the latest information on vRad’s Artificial Intelligence program please visit vrad.com/radiology-services/radiology-ai/

Many radiology practices talk about visionary AI, but there are only a few implementing AI into their workflows.

Why radiologists are essential to AI imaging

For the latest information on vRad’s Artificial Intelligence program please visit vrad.com/radiology-services/radiology-ai/

Early hype implied that artificial intelligence would replace radiologists. Turns out the opposite is closer to the truth. Without radiologists there is zero potential for the future of AI in diagnostic imaging. Radiologists are integral to model development, testing and validation.

High Availability System Maintenance: The 7th and Final Key to Developing a DevOps Culture

Welcome back to the vRad technology quest as we unlock the 7th and final key!

As always, I recommend you check out the first post in the series if you’re interested in the topics I’ve covered thus far.

Today we’ll discuss how we perform scheduled maintenance on our highly available (24/7/365) platform and our process for minimizing or eliminating disruptions when short notice changes are necessary.

Let’s get to it.

Cyber & Application Security: The 6th Key to Developing a DevOps Culture

Welcome once again to the vRad Technology Quest series – let's dive in.

Cyber Security is a hot topic. The frequency of notable events – ranging from the compromise of large corporations to possible state-sponsored security breaches – is increasing.

Deploying Better Build Automation: The 5th Key to Developing a DevOps Culture

Welcome back to the vRad Technology Quest Series. We’ve shared how vRad builds and deploys code (vRad Development Pipeline (#2)). This article is an in-depth look at our build automation strategy: how we build the system that builds the code. This is one of my favorite topics and I’ll be explaining some of the more technical aspects of the development pipeline.

Smarter Test Automation: The 4th Key to Unlocking a DevOps Culture

vRad’s philosophy around frequently deploying software updates relies heavily on test automation, which ensures adequate test coverage for each release. Test automation is one of the most challenging aspects of software development at vRad; and we’ve tackled it in a multi-pronged approach that is continually evolving.


The 3rd Key to Unlocking a DevOps Culture: Dev Environments on a Dime

Today in the vRad technology quest we set forth to understand Dev (or test) Environments.

Let’s jump right in.



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