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Karen Scott

Karen is Deputy General Counsel and Head of Compliance – vRad. She has been helping vRad colleagues understand the “why” behind rules and policies for almost 14 years, so they can deliver a solution to vRad customers or internal stakeholders that makes everyone happy. She’s actively involved in millions of dollars of deals every year. When she’s not making the world a better place through telemedicine, she’s likely listening to a podcast about biohacking or physics, working out, or making dinner for her husband and kids, ages 3 to college.

The Cost of Non-Compliance and How to Avoid it | Instructional Design Lite

Picture this: someone on your team has gone the “extra mile” only to have those solid efforts backfire so far and so hard that now not just your team will suffer, but your company may miss earnings goals and lose gains made in the marketplace for at least a year.[1]