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AI in Radiology: Making an Impact Today and Charting a Path to the Future

Beyond theory, vRad is using practical AI to impact patient care today, while paving the way to the future of radiology.

For the latest information on vRad’s Artificial Intelligence program please visit vrad.com/radiology-services/radiology-ai/

Artificial intelligence (AI) will enhance the practice of radiology more than any technology since Wilhelm Roentgen’s x-ray. This is no longer speculation. Our AI models are at work today, helping prioritize critical cases and improve reporting accuracy and compliance. But we’re just getting started.

AI will permeate the practice and business of medical imaging, to the benefit of both patients and practitioners. In coming years, we will see AI

  • Empower radiologists to rapidly detect ever more subtle, serious and rare abnormalities, using complex strings of hundreds, even thousands, of nested AI searches
  • Conquer mountains of administrative burden, creating and auditing reports in real time based on natural language inputs; ensuring complete and relevant reporting through content-driven prompts; and automating time-consuming tasks, like extracting significant findings from prior reports, and recording measurements
  • Strengthen healthcare delivery through demonstrated quality improvements, such as faster turnaround times, intelligent prioritization of critical cases, greater reporting accuracy, and compliant billing practices

vRad has assembled a dedicated team of practicing radiologists and computer scientists with unsurpassed AI expertise.

We are excited to lay the foundation for radiological AI on which the future will be built. Learn more about our innovative approach to improving patient care through clinical and technological expertise.


Author Ricardo C. Cury, MD, FACR

Chief Medical Officer, MEDNAX Radiology Solutions. Chairman of Radiology, Radiology Associates of South Florida (RASF), a MEDNAX affiliate. Director of Cardiac Imaging, Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute, Baptist Health of South Florida and Vice-Chairman of Radiology, Florida International University. Dr. Cury was born to practice medicine, following in the footsteps of his parents, who are both physicians.



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