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My sit-down with Diagnostic Imaging on overcoming burnout in radiology

Is your happiness worth anything? It was a question I asked myself at the height of my burnout as a partner at a private practice.  The answer led me here, to vRad.  And while greater work-life balance was essential to eliminating my own burnout, another key element not to be missed has been vRad’s commitment to physician wellness.

I recently had an opportunity to sit down with Diagnostic Imaging to talk about more about vRad’s Physician Wellness Program and how supporting the mental health and better work-life balance of radiologists is linked to their productivity.  






To learn more about vRad’s physician wellness program visit: https://www.vrad.com/radiologist-burnout-resources-and-support/



Author Jonathon Lee, MD

Jonathan completed his medical degree at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, and residency at Wake Forest University’s Bowman Gray Center. He loves that being a teleradiologist allows him to keep his family near, whether they are at home in Dublin, Ohio, or preparing for adventure at their condo in Key West, Florida.


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