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MEDNAX Radiology Roundtable: Winning in Today’s Radiology Environment

Key Strategies to Drive Success in Your Practice—View On-Demand the MEDNAX Radiology Leadership Discussion.

“Knowledge is power.” This maxim is as true today as when Francis Bacon first uttered it some 400 years ago.

Knowledge is also a living thing, constantly morphing and growing. At the center of it all, it’s clear that technology is accelerating change and growth with unprecedented momentum. Nowhere is this more evident than in the practice of radiology, where technology is:

  • Revolutionizing the science of diagnostic image distribution and visualization, while tech-driven tools – such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence – promise enormous enhancements to facilitate interpretations and communicate findings
  • Providing advanced analytics, for clearer insight into every aspect of your radiology business
  • Fueling development and access to centers of clinical excellence, to build and maintain interpretive accuracy, trust among clinicians, and excellence in patient outcomes
  • Enabling greater collaboration among partners in the delivery of timely, effective patient care

In the interest of collaboration, we’d like to share with you the 2018 discussion among MEDNAX Radiology leaders representing some of the largest practices in the country, including:

  • Walid Adham, MD, President & CEO, Synergy Radiology Associates, Texas
  • Ricardo Cury, MD, FSCCT, President & CEO, Radiology Associates of South Florida
  • Ethan Foxman, MD, PhD, President & CEO, Jefferson Radiology, Connecticut
  • Raymond Montecalvo, MD, Senior Medical Director, vRad
  • Jason Shipman, MD, MS, Radiology Alliance, Tennessee

Hear for your self as leading radiology practitioners explore key strategies to harness change in this free on-demand recording

Author Shannon Werb

Former President and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Werb is a healthcare IT authority, advisor and evangelist. He has published numerous articles regarding the confluence of technology and medicine, and was recognized as a Health Information Technology Change Agent by Health IT Outcomes in 2015 for leading innovation in radiology. With more than 20 years of healthcare information technology experience, Werb is a recognized healthcare IT authority, advisor, and evangelist.

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