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8 reasons radiologists prefer to work for vRad

Skilled radiologists can be selective about where they practice. Following are the top reasons over 500 across the U.S. have chosen a job with vRad.

1) Practice radiology. Period.

Spend virtually 100% of your shifts focused on interpreting images, free of distractions and technical burdens. vRad’s proprietary, AI-powered reading platform automates many non-clinical aspects of generating a report – so our radiologists can keep their eyes on the images.

“vRad is the best I’ve ever seen in terms of the workstation, the platform, even the accessories. There’re just all kinds of little things that vRad has – so you can do your work very smoothly and not have to touch a keyboard – that just doesn’t exist anywhere else.” – Steven Cohen, MD

Dr. Cohen said he made a "big mistake" when he chose another leading national practice...find out why.

2) Enjoy job stability.

Have confidence that vRad is not dependent on any one facility. As the leading teleradiology company, vRad provides services to 2,100+ facilities and radiology groups across the U.S. so we’re able to withstand contract and market volatility that impact smaller practices.

Hear from vRad CMO Benjamin W. Strong discuss how vRad is able to withstand market volatility and be a leader in the teleradiology space in our latest Virtual Open House.

Radiology jobs

3) Take control of your earnings.

Build a compensation plan to match your income goals and lifestyle. Choose the number of hours you’ll contract per year. Work at your own pace. Find plenty of opportunities to add or extend shifts. Leave behind unrealistic reading requirements and unattainable bonuses. Bottom line: At vRad you earn what you read – and with 24/7/365 support and our proprietary reading platform, you can read more per shift. Our top earners average $500,000 annually, with several bringing home more than $800,000.  

“There are multiple options available to make the job a custom fit for what works best for you – and you can modify those options if your preferences change over time.” – Sloan Miller, MD

4) Play to your strengths.

Get a steady stream of diverse, primarily advanced imaging cases that make the most of your skills and experience. The proprietary vRad workflow system prioritizes studies and assigns them equitably to radiologists based on specialized expertise, preference and availability. vRad worklist management ensures patient care remains the priority, and there’s no enticement to cherry-pick higher value, easier cases.

5) Eliminate administrative load.

Get rid of burdensome tasks that distract from interpreting studies and drain your earning potential. Your vRad team is on call 24/7 to address any issue that might otherwise steal attention from reading images – from tracking down clinicians, to solving an IT or workstation problem, to tracking and maintaining license renewals and CME credits.

“The operations center is just a phenomenal feature. It really makes your life so much easier and the people there just do a great job. All this stuff – administrative stuff and contacts and communication issues that come up in other practices – are just handled for you. That makes a huge difference.” – Steven Cohen, MD

6) Become a better radiologist.

Through positive feedback to radiologists, the vRad quality assurance program emphasizes performance improvement, and delivers 99.7% accuracy. In addition, you’ll have access to innovative, accredited CME programs through vRad Radiology Education – among the most comprehensive radiological curriculum available outside of a university setting.

“You get lots and lots of feedback. And you're not getting it just from one hospital… you're getting it from radiologists from all over the country who have trained all over the world. Because of that you absorb a lot of knowledge quickly. It was humbling at first, but it's been a great experience for me.” – Jonathon Lee, MD

7) Experience genuine collegiality.

Our radiologists appreciate the regular interaction and support they receive every day from colleagues across the country as part of the vRad network.

“For me, the collegiality of the practice of radiology is a highlight of my daily work. When I first considered leaving a traditional practice for teleradiology, I was worried that working remotely would leave me feeling disconnected. In actuality, I’ve never felt more engaged in a supportive and interdependent team committed to delivering quality patient care.” Katie Lozano, MD

8) Focus on patient care.

The mission of vRad is simply to take great care of the patient. Everyone at vRad understands they have a role in patient care – from radiologists to management to administrators to information systems techs. Everyone is dedicated to streamlining the processes, workflows and reporting that provide timely, accurate interpretations


Reclaim your life and your career

Schedule a conversation with a member of our recruiting team today!

Reclaim your life and your career

Schedule a conversation with a member of our recruiting team today




Author Michelle Torkelson

Associate Vice President of Human Resources & Medical Services. Ms. Torkelson is responsible for national recruiting, development and retention programs at vRad. She directs strategic initiatives to promote individual advancement, positive corporate culture, clear communication, organizational effectiveness, competitive compensation practices, and professional development for vRad’s 500+ radiologists and 300+ team members.


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