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Explore Healthcare Cybersecurity Threat, Protection | Webinar Recording Now Available

You don’t have to work in the information security industry to know the challenge virtually all organizations face.


Healthcare Information Security

Sources: 2016 Ponemon Institute Cost of a Data Breach Study (IBM); Ponemon Institute Fifth Annual Study on Medical Identity Theft; Hacked: The Implications of a Cyber Breach, Timothy Francis, Travelers; Verizon, 2017 & 2015 Data Breach Investigations Reports; FireEye, 2016 Mandiant M-Trends EMEA Report.


Stats like those above are everywhere. Reports of high-profile security breaches splash across the headlines with regularity.

And if you work in healthcare, like me, the challenge can seem especially daunting.

Often tasked with providing instant access to information, we are also responsible for the security of massive collections of sensitive personal data.

But before you throw up your hands, let me offer some good news: It is possible to help protect your organization and keep it out of the headlines.

And that, in fact, is the subject of a recent webinar hosted by vRad.


Special guest speaker: John Gomez

Watch me and John Gomez, CEO of Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions, as we look at strategies for protecting your organization against the threat of cyber attacks.

We were fortunate to have John, one of the industry’s most respected experts on cybersecurity, join us to share his insights on:

— The healthcare cybersecurity landscape, including current threats and what’s at stake

— Assessing your organization’s cybersecurity risks

— Building and maintaining a sound information security program

— Often overlooked regulatory requirements

— Best practices for working with managed-service providers

Our goal for the webinar was to offer information that will be helpful to everyone concerned about data security—from IT to the executive management team.


Recording: May 11 Healthcare Security Webinar


An information security webinar (“45 Minutes to Radiology Data Privacy and Security—Practical Insights to Help you Avoid the Headlines”)


Sponsored by vRad, the webinar features John Gomez, CEO of Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions and Patrick Williamson, vRad senior director of IT & security officer


To help organizations protect their valuable interests and identify proven strategies to safeguard against cyber attacks.



Free Security How-to Guide

Get Your Free Guide

The information security guide is tailored to the special needs of healthcare organizations and offers a step-by-step map to building a formidable information security program.

Author Patrick Williamson

Patrick leads the IT and Security teams at vRad. His passion for embracing modern technologies and challenging the status quo enables vRad to adopt better, safer ways to work and collaborate. Furthermore, his ability to balance strict security requirements against operational efficiency needs makes him an invaluable asset in an ever evolving space. In his personal time, Patrick raises two daughters and has a passion for mastering all things food, such as gourmet cooking, coffee roasting and beer brewing.

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