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Guest Blog Post by Juno Min, MD

We are pleased to share the following guest blog post by Juno Min, MD, describing his first mission to Nukus, Uzbekistan, through vRad’s Partnership with MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières). During his mission, Uzbekistan was experiencing a large outbreak of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) which had devastating results to local and global populations as the tuberculosis spread.

Office Ergonomics for Teleradiologists

Ergonomics is the study of people’s interaction with their environment and provides principles and theories for proper design of the workplace.  Ergonomics is a concept that has been around for quite some time, but it is often something that we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about as we go about our workday.  If you find yourself sitting at a desk for long periods of time, you may experiences aches and pains that can be eliminated with a few adjustments to your work environment.  Not only does ergonomics help you be more comfortable at work, but can reduce stress, prevent injuries and improve productivity.

Fitting in Fitness During the Work Day!

Everyone understands all the health benefits that come along with regular exercise, so why is it that we have such a hard time fitting it into our schedule?  With long work weeks, evening meetings and programs, families, cooking, cleaning, etc., it is no surprise that our time is limited and exercising gets pushed to the back burner. Below are some ideas on how to fit in exercise at work.  By incorporating some of these ideas into your work day, you have the opportunity to burn extra calories every day!

Managing Relationships to Ensure Quality Hires

Does your radiology practice struggle with recruiting quality staff? Have you ever wondered what your recruiter or HR department was thinking when they sent you a resume? Having successfully recruited hundreds of candidates, I can tell you an effective and smooth hiring process happens through a collaborative team approach.

We Have Met the Future

I can’t wait to “pinch and drag” to get a better look at potential abnormalities on a mobile screen!

Why Siri is Good for Radiology

I don’t own an iPhone 4S. However, I certainly don’t feel impoverished with my iPhone 4. Yet, I certainly can feel excitement for what the possibilities hold for the future now that Apple has seized upon voice recognition (VR) technology as a potential means to increase our efficiency in these hectic times. Their embrace of this technology solution is a very good thing for the future of radiologists, as they have shown the Midas touch with whatever area of technology they get their hands on.

Caught in the Crossfire: Mammography and Women’s Health

Over the past several years, the rate at which articles describing, almost alternately, the benefits and risks of screening mammography, seems to have significantly increased. Some of the articles have shed more light on this valuable examination, better defining its role in a women’s health regimen. Others have only further muddied the waters surrounding the somewhat controversial issue of screening mammography. As with any screening examination, there are issues that need to be discussed and better understood by the clinicians and patients who choose to use this tool.

The Five Most Common Excuses for Not Getting a Mammogram

There are many reasons (excuses) women give me for not getting a mammogram. “I’m too fat, when I lose 10 pounds I’ll go.” “They’re too small. There can’t possibly be anything bad brewing in there.” Or this one, “I breast fed so I am protected from breast cancer.” I have heard it all and I absolutely sympathize. After all, who wants to stand exposed with only a flimsy gown on in a cold room only to have one’s breasts squished hard in some barbaric looking machine? But, make no mistake, the benefits of getting a yearly mammogram abound once your breasts are about 40 years old. It still remains the single best screening tool we have.

vRad Partners with RBMA to Offer $9000 in Scholarships

vRad has partnered with the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) to provide RBMA members additional educational opportunities within the field of radiology. Through the partnership, vRad will provide six $1,500 scholarships to RBMA members who have not attended an RBMA conference. The scholarships will cover registration fees and other costs qualified applicants incur for attending the meeting. The first scholarships will be awarded for attendance at the 2011 Fall Educational Conference.


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