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The Cost of Non-Compliance and How to Avoid it | Instructional Design Lite

Picture this: someone on your team has gone the “extra mile” only to have those solid efforts backfire so far and so hard that now not just your team will suffer, but your company may miss earnings goals and lose gains made in the marketplace for at least a year.[1]

CAD-RADS: Improving Cardiac Care with a Common Language


Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and disability in the world, killing 17.7 million people a year.  That's a third of all deaths on the planet and half of all non-communicable-disease-related deaths. Cardiac imaging and vascular imaging are critical in foreseeing an event before it happens.

MEDNAX Radiology Roundtable: Winning in Today’s Radiology Environment

Key Strategies to Drive Success in Your Practice—View On-Demand the MEDNAX Radiology Leadership Discussion.

“Knowledge is power.” This maxim is as true today as when Francis Bacon first uttered it some 400 years ago.

Three Recommendations When Weighing 2018 MIPS Participation

With the transition from year one (2017) to year two (2018) in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), there are several noteworthy changes to the program:

Clinical Aspects of Teleradiology Technology Development | Q&A with vRad CMO Dr. Benjamin W. Strong

If radiologists are the brain of vRad, our technology is the nervous system, delivering impulses—in the form of images—to our radiologists working across the country and the world.

At the start of 2018, I sat down with our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Benjamin W. Strong, to explore his perspective on uniting clinical necessity and technology development here at vRad.

How to Thrive in a Changing Radiology Environment | 2018 Radiology Industry Trends

It’s a great time to be in radiology.

It’s a time of change, yes. And that—as with any change—can be unnerving and even frightening.

But with the ongoing transformation in radiology comes great opportunity for growth. And with that in mind, 2018 is an ideal time for radiology groups to take time to explore and consider the possibilities inherent in today’s radiology environment.

Live Video Diagnostics | A New Connecting Point for Doctors, Patients in Fight Against Breast Cancer

At the foundation of everything we do at vRad is the goal of helping our clients provide the highest level of patient care regardless of the time and location.

When it comes to breast imaging, we’ve used telemammography for years to open doors for patients without previous access to mammography fellows and specialists. It’s not hyperbole to call it a life-saving development in patient care.

Knowledge is Power | BRCA Gene Testing for Breast Cancer

Genetic testing empowers women in the fight against breast cancer.

One in eight women will develop breast cancer.

MEDNAX Announces First Acquisition of On-Site Radiology Practice: Radiology Alliance, PC.

MEDNAX expanded its radiology strategy to include both on-site and teleradiology services with the acquisition of Radiology Alliance, PC and Infinity Management, LLC based in Nashville, Tenn.